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The future of driver education

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BTEC L2 Driving and Driver Education

The Driving Force BTEC level 2 Driving and Driver Education is the only course of its kind in the UK. The BTEC is a safety based qualification that appeals to students, parents, schools and employers.

Available to 16 year olds (year 12) and above, the BTEC can be run in schools, colleges and businesses as an additional qualification. Lessons can take place either within the school/working day or as an after school class.

Designed to decrease young and new driver risk and consisting of 40 hours of in-class education and 20 hours of practical in-car coaching with peer review, the Driving Force BTEC level 2 Driving and Driver Education is surely the future of driver education.

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Recent News Article

Calling all Burton-upon-Trent ADI's!


With the BTEC In Driving and Driver Education now running in one school in Burton-upon-Trent and two schools in Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City Council is recruiting ADI's to deliver the In Car element of the course.  We currently have two posts available for the Burton-upon-Trent area.  BTEC Driving Instructors are guaranteed work; on average our driving instructors get 80 hours of work per school at a rate of £20 per hour, with the option to take part in "BTEC Taster Days" which ar read more…
  • Testimonials

    Andrew Charlton

    “A vital part of learning to drive safely is, understanding why collisions occur. This BTEC offers a comprehensive insight into collision avoidance making safety a priority. An educated driver will be a safer driver.”

    - Chief Inspector Andrew Charlton, Nottinghamshire Police

  • Testimonials

    Kevin Greaves

    “Research shows that young people form and crystallise their driving attitudes at an early age, often well before they actually take to the road themselves, so it’s important that they receive the right information and skills from the right people, in a safe, controlled, environment with fully qualified driving instructors. The fact that young people can also gain a useful qualification is a bonus.”

    - Councillor Kevin Greaves, Chairman of the County Council’s Transport and Highways committee

  • Testimonials

    Brian Newson

    “There has been a fantastic level of interest from parents looking to improve the safety of their children”

    – Brian Newson, Sixth Form Enrichment, Arnold Hill School

  • Testimonials

    Jane Urquhart

    “The BTEC in Driver Education is at the forefront of young driver road safety. We are very proud here in Nottingham to be leading the way to a safer future with this innovative and progressive course.”

    - Councillor Jane Urquhart, Nottingham City Council

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