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Interested in taking the BTEC?

For Students

The BTEC Level 2 Driving and Driver Education is an additional qualification that will appeal to employers, improve your CV and most importantly will give you an excellent head start in terms of learning to drive.

The benefits of the BTEC include:

  • A positive view of young drivers
  • A high level of knowledge way beyond what is taught in standard driving lessons
  • An increased understanding of driving theory, including free theory test resources and practice
  • How best to really keep yourself, your friends and your family safe
  • An understanding of road safety and accident causation
  • A 15% insurance discount from Adrian Flux

You will receive 20 hours of practical in-car coaching with a specially trained and selected driving instructor in addition to 40 hours of class room based driver education.

For Parents

The BTEC L2 Driving and Driver Education is an excellent safety based course, specifically designed to reduce young driver risk. The course content, structure and delivery style is research led and theory based, following evidence collected from around the world on the best way to educate and train new drivers.

The quality and quantity of driver education delivered goes far beyond what is achievable in standard driving lessons. With your son/daughter receiving 60 hours of quality driver education and specialist coaching from specifically trained and quality assured driver coaches who have to meet both OFSTED and Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) government standards.

The BTEC aims to reduce your child’s personal risk levels by encouraging reflection and self-evaluation, building an understanding of how personality, group norms and lifestyle issues effect driving whilst encouraging students to build coping strategies to avoid and manage high risk situations. This wider ranging approach has been shown to reduce driver risk levels and has a much better chance of producing safe drivers post-test than traditional instruction.

The BTEC L2 Driving and Driver Education equips your child with essential skills to keep themselves safe once they have passed their test.

Upon completion of the course and once their practical test is passed your son/daughter will be offered a 15% insurance discount with Adrian Flux.

For information on the benefits of the course, the course overview and the scientific backgrounds click here.

Neil Snow - Independent Road Safety Consultant

“Due to the duration of the BTEC over a school year, or half a school year, this project has the ability to make a much greater contribution to reducing young driver crashes than many stand-alone interventions and can work in tandem with other projects aimed at this age group. Running the BTEC course in schools & colleges creates a conversation about safe driving amongst students and allows students to pass on safe behavioural norms to their peers.”

Jonathan Watts
Jonathan Watts - BTEC Driver
Driving Instructor

“Students thoroughly enjoy the in-car driving lessons that are included in the course. I have found that the knowledge that students have gained from the classroom learning allows them to progress faster and be more confident when it comes to driving a car. This allows myself as an instructor to focus on important safety and long term aspects as well as practical skills.”

Brian Newson
Brian Newson - Sixth Form
Enrichment, Arnold Hill School

“There has been a fantastic level of interest from parents looking to improve the safety of their children”

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